You Can Achieve Serenity by Using Lighting Tips of Feng Shui

Nowadays, even westerners too are taking a lot of interest on century-old Chinese practice known as feng shui. Feng sui also offers various lighting tips meant for your home which can bring serenity in your home.

So how can you use various principles of this feng shui by using customize chandelier to home lighting?

Feng shui can correctly recognize that position of lighting that can have profound effect on the occupants of the home or office.

In case a shadow is cast where people read or make their food, or in case light glares on any TV or computer screen, then they can always be constantly irritable. Harsh and unfiltered light also can affect our mood.

Following are few specific design steps that you need to follow to meet few feng shui principles:

  1. By using incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs, you can generate orange-hue and warmer level of lighting rather than any other sources and will be quite well suited for creating inviting living spaces.

You may use halogen lights to send bright light which is used for reading purpose or directed to specific area to do overall room lighting.

2.   Select color bulbs for mood that you like to create. Pink light denotes calm and pleasure, yellow for settled and relaxed atmosphere and purple for more passion.

3.   Try to use a variety of indirect and direct lighting, so that you can create soft mood or more functional lighting based on your needs.

4.  Use two or few more soft lights for creating warm general glow as well as positive room energy instead of using single bright light in the room.

5.  Any lamp shade made out of paper or fabric can soften light and can create quieter atmosphere.

6.  With corner up lights, you can eliminate sharp edges within a room. Softening of sharp edges will improve energy flow and produce more restful environment.

7. Upward energy flow will be encouraged with up lighting which is helpful for sloped or low ceilings.

8. You can add mirror to your wall space for changing the direction of energy in the room or make it look larger and also less restrictive.

With mirrors associated lighting, you can speed up chi energy flow, and create more stimulating and dynamic atmosphere which is perfect for offices/study areas.

9. Chinese used to place red lanterns centuries ago, in hallways for giving them light and energy.

10. For maintaining proper chi levels of energy, in irregular-shaped rooms there must be one lamp placed within the missing area.

11.   Use post light with top light fixture to encourage good chi and bring good fortune.

12.  Try metal fixture having white shade in west corner of room to create more creative energies.

13.  You may also use dimmers for creating the positive energy and perfect mood.

You can try all these tips and by making subtle changes or adjustments in the lighting plan. You will really be surprised by looking at various levels of harmony and happiness that proper amount of room lighting is able to achieve.