BlueScreen Is A Supplier Capableof Handle Everything Within IT

Bluescreen is an IT företag & webbyrå [IT company & web agency] that offers IT services & support along with customized system solutions. For several years they have been helping customers with their IT and web concepts, ensuring that what they need gets delivered. With its strong customer focus, the company has turned into a well-established IT company and a reliable system supplier.

Work Order 

Arbetsorder [work] order can be created with a planning calendar, where the project manager gets an overview of employee activities as an individual or in groups. Allocating multiple resources becomes easy. Different start and deadlines of every task and each participant can be specified. You can even create a checklist based on types and status, then assign accordingly with a specific end date. Checklist creation means the risk of forgetting some task and delays gets eliminated. This leads to customer satisfaction.

Web agency & system provider

Bluescreen is a supplier of comprehensive webbyrå [Website Solutions Company].

Websites – During the web production process Bluescreen helps to take care of everything that includes web designing, domain registration, web hosting, web launching, and internet marketing as well as follow-ups.

Booking – With specifically designed Bluescreen booking system every aspect of ease and security is taken care of. Customers find it easy to book on their own without any complications.

Rental system – Bluescreen Macbook rental system is compatible with your prevailing online booking website.

Case Management

A ärendehanteringssystem [case management system] gives project managers an overview of the cases, groups or individuals involved, assign tasks, create team, the progress of every task, due date, and even identify delays. You even get an idea of which tasks need to be prioritized that helps to mitigate the risk of getting delayed. With an appropriate case management system, small businesses can improve their process, increase productivity, and service quality.

Customer Relationship Management 

Workcloud CRM system helps custom-focused businesses to manage good relationships. Customer relationship is crucial for every kind of industry. The system allows registering prospective, leads, and agreement. The customer’s journey details and interactions get stored in a single file, which helps you approach them for business promotion in the future.

Customers leave your company mainly because they don’t feel cared for and are dissatisfied, so with a reliable CRM system you can create loyal customers.


Bluescreen offers a Workcloud web-based tool to understand your customer’s behavior, collaborate with partners, and restructure employee productivity for better and successful business. You can integrate workcloud with other systems like invoicing, accounting, and more. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in reminders, quotes, activities, upcoming projects, customer classification, and follow-ups. There are suitable Workcloud modules, just give them a look.

Other Workcloud popular modules 

  • Business leads/opportunities
  • Quote tool
  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Service management

Fortnox integration with Workcloud allows automated functioning. Company information management can be simplified. A business process can be streamlined and automated. Invoicing or sub-invoicing after work completion helps to monitor the cashflow.

Bluescreen offers secure and affordable IT support and system solutions!

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