Few Things You Need to Know before You Get Root Canal

Endodontic treatment commonly known as Root canal treatment is suggested when teeth need to be preserved or to enhance its lifespan. In the treatment process, the infection part of the tooth is removed and thus natural tooth is saved. The infected pulp removed from the tooth root aids in preventing any further infection of microbes spoiling the tooth structure.

Many people are afraid to go for root canal treatment and thus they may experience a major teeth heath issue resulting in removal of damaged or fully infected tooth. If you reside in Gorokan, then you can visit Twin Lakes Dental Clinic where a team of experienced and well-qualified dentists and their staff are ready to treat you for any oral health issues.

What is the reason behind root canal instead of removing the infected tooth?

It is a known fact that removing natural tooth means replacing it with an artificial tooth. Thus, the person needs to endure the discomfort of an artificial tooth. While root canal treatment saves natural tooth and the person gets benefitted in regaining the normal functions of natural tooth like efficiency in chewing, normal way of biting food and the tooth won’t wear off easily.

Here are few facts helping to know more about Root canal:

  • The pulp, the soft tissue inside the tooth is infected due to bacterial microbes. Dentists remove the infected pulp to save tooth and its associated structure parts. Along with the pulp unwanted material will be removed as well, thus your oral hygiene is well maintained.
  • The procedure is quite painless and moreover the part to be cleaned is applied local anaesthetic. Hence, the treatment will cause only minimal discomfort and you will feel everything is normal in few hours of the treatment.
  • Root canal is fixed with dental crown that functions similar to the upper part of the tooth. This titanium metal moulded like part of teeth helps to protect the inner part of the tooth and helps in chewing food.

Now, the question arises how the dentist Gorokan judge whether their patient needs root canal treatment or replacing tooth is the best.

Here are the clues that help the dentist to judge whether the root canal treatment is the best:

  • They examine and find the seriousness of your tooth pulp got affected.
  • Whether the patient’s tooth can be saved or is it already dead.
  • The pain of tooth persists thus the need to remove the infected part becomes mandatory.
  • The success rate of root canal treatment.

It is sensible to get a root canal done as soon as possible. This is because you can never predict the complications that arise because of not treating the decaying tooth. After the treatment of root canal, the dentist will suggest you to have the customised crown to prevent any damages to the treated tooth and to reduce your discomforts.

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