Tips To Keep Your Cooling Water System In The Best Condition

Proper maintenance of cooling water system equipment is critical to ensure the best operation and performance of the system. A system that is upheld well serves you for a longer period. Though there are several benefits of keeping the system maintained, the process involved in it is a cumbersome one.

Understanding when, how, and why to clean every component of the system is very important. Learn about the biggest foes of the system and ways to efficiently clean it will aid in its smooth operation. This will also help in avoiding any unnecessary expenses. So, here are some effective tips that make it easy to maintain your cooling system.

Why it is important to maintain your cooling water system equipment?

An inferior quality cooling water system that is not maintained well can lead to several types of problems. It includes the development of the scale, algae, and debris.

It is always advised to keep your system safe from these contaminants as its presence in the system can result in a reduction in the efficacy, and operational performance of the system. The result can be an increase in cooling system costs and premature failure of the equipment that can cost you thousands.

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Maintenance tips

Water distribution nozzle

Properly clean it at regular intervals to prevent any formation of scale, debris, and rust chips from the outside.

Cooling tower fill

Make sure your fill area is completely devoid of any traces of rust, debris, cottonwood, and scales. Proper circulation of air is required for low power consumption and effective heat transfer.

Chemical pump

Ensure that the material of the pump is compatible with the type of chemicals that you use to prevent the failure of the equipment. Get pumps examined regularly to maintain the right flow rate.

Controller flow loop

Flow loops have to be regularly inspected and cleaned to prevent rust chips, dust, and scale. The use of strainers could be a good way to ensure that it remains clean every time.

Water meter

A clogged water meter opening can give you an inaccurate measurement of water load and can result in incorrect chemical dosing. So, you need to ensure that the narrow openings of the water meter are completely clean.

pH probe

pH probe is another important element that you need to clean regularly. If they are of low quality, then you may need to replace them every year. Find out if the probe you have has got any replaceable salt bridges and electrode solution.


With this information, it becomes easier and simpler to keep your cooling water system tidy, and well-maintained. With these tips, you can prevent any sudden and dramatic changes that are involved in replacing your cooling water systems equipment frequently.