3 Ways to Add Storage Off-Site

Your business may be feeling a little cramped. If you are running out of room and need more storage space fast, here are three ways you can go off-site.

Storage Office

If your storage space is inadequate it may be time to find a solution that is off-site. However, if you have special needs or special documents or items you may not want to keep them in a traditional storage solution. That is where a separate rental office space can be helpful. You can find storage offices available through coworking companies like Regus, or see if the building you are already renting from has an empty office space you can use. This can give you a much more professional and presentable space to keep overflow, especially if clients will want to access the area.

Keep in mind that this can be an expensive option. There are some ways you can reduce the cost for renting additional offices like waiving internet and other privileges, but it will still cost more on average than renting other storage solutions. So this option is best kept for those who need a space that is presentable and can be client-friendly if needed to be.

Storage Locker

Next, there is the option to rent a storage locker at a storage facility. This can be a good solution to keep your items secure and out of your way. However, there is generally some restrictions on the size and number of lockers you can rent, and theft is a concern.

There is also the downside that you will have to travel, maybe even across town, to access the locker. When your customer is waiting to have results the last thing you want is to be blocked from access because a family is moving their whole household into the same space, or waste time in traffic as you commute back and forth. Time is money after all.

Storage Container

A third option is to rent storage containers in Long Island, NY. These are a good solution because they can be placed right at your business’ location. Once you have permission from the landlord you can have them delivered to a parking lot or back lot and have extra storage on-hand and nearby when you need it.

Storage containers long island NY are able to be customized to include shelving, heating, air conditioning, lighting, and other specifics. They are secure, reinforced, and come in a variety of sizes. They are also water, fire, and theft proof. They can also be stacked on top of each other if space is tight. So give your office some extra floor space and give the clutter a break by storing your excess off-site so your business can run more efficiently.


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