How to Convince Someone That They Need Drug Rehab?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can put a strain on physical health, mental health, and even relationships amongst people. If a loved one is battling with addiction, then it is not an easy task for you to make them realize it and get help.

The subject is delicate and a wrong approach could make matters even worse. It is natural for friends and family to worry about someone, but the right steps must be followed to convince them to go to a rehab facility.

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How to motivate someone to go to rehab?

Make sure that you provide a helping hand for your loved one battling against addiction, instead of making decisions for them. A little empathy and space when carrying out the whole process may make them feel more protected. The following are the steps you can follow to convince someone to join a rehabilitation program.

  • Learn about addiction and its treatment

It can be difficult to understand what your loved one is going through if you are not well-versed about addiction and its treatment options. You need to read about addiction, its effects on the brain, and how important the treatment is. The most important things to consider are the causes of addiction, the drugs being used, the behavior of the person, and the treatment options.

  • Make an intervention plan

You could plan for a few of the person’s close friends to meet and make them understand the situation. A united front of people who have the person’s best interests at heart could convince him/her.

  • Be objective and control emotions

You must control any kind of emotions to prevent any outburst of actions such as yelling or screaming. Be honest and open about your concerns and communicate clearly.

  • Avoid judgment

It may be difficult for a person who doesn’t do drugs to understand what addiction is. Avoid judgment so that the person is comfortable and can trust you. Love and concern from their loved ones can be the support for them to go through with rehabilitation.

  • Admit the person to rehabilitation immediately

As soon as the person expresses willingness for treatment, you should admit them so that they can start on a positive mindset. Research the best and nearest treatment center that will be able to take care of their needs.

  • Remember self-care

It can be mentally stressful and draining to deal with a loved one battling addiction. Their close family and friends must remember to practice self-care. If you are taking care of someone then make sure you process your emotions and talk to others who can support you too.


The information above points out how careful the family and friends must be when dealing with someone suffering from an addiction disorder. Make sure you follow the steps above to provide the right kind of support.

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