How To Upload Music to Streaming Platforms (Apple, Spotify, Deezer, TikTok)

Considering the fierce competition in the music industry, it is quite hard for a new and aspiring music artist to become known in the industry. Streaming sites are the places that music fans visit to listen to music.

These are the places that can offer vast exposure to the artist. Digital music distribution service helps musicians upload their music on these platforms. This article shows tips to upload music on streaming sites.

Research Content Creators

To feature your music on top blogs, you will need to research the bloggers who cover the style of your music. To get in-depth learning about them, you can read their past articles, check reviews, or follow them on Twitter. Be an authentic fan of the music they share.

Let them know that you like their music. Send them your musical creations as well. Online digital distributors will help get your music on Deezer and other music streaming services and platforms.

Send Exclusives

Blogs value content that is exclusive. Make your music a part of the pitch. By making your music exclusive, you can increase the chances of getting it heard. If you want to sell your music on Beatport, then seek the assistance of a digital music distributor firm.

Include a CTA (call-to-action)

Include the CTA for bloggers. It will help them “check out” their music. Musicians should clearly define what they want from bloggers. It could be:

  • review your album
  • do a write-up on the upcoming headlining show, etc

A clear CTA is the best way for the blogger to know what you wish from them. MusicDigi is the leading place to sell your music online. The platform offers maximum exposure to aspiring music artists by uploading their music on popular music channels and stores.

Be Precise, Professional, And Creative

Ensure that your pitch comprises of following qualities:

  • Be concise and brief. Give them what they want to know and no more than that.
  • Be clever, creative, and unique with the pitch. It will create a good impression.
  • Use the right language for pitching. It should display your professionalism. Proper grammar, professional language, and polite email etiquette are essential to make it an effective pitch.

Method to Upload, Distribute And Promote Music On Digital Platforms

Digital music distribution allows easy distribution of music worldwide on popular music streaming websites such as Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL, Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. The platform also lets the musician earn income in the form of royalties.

Here are the steps that a musician will need to follow to get their music to top online places on the web.

Upload Music To The Platform

MusicDigi is the best platform to get your music on Spotify and iTunes. It lets users upload music tracks and music release details. Users can select from more than 100 music services that include Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Send Music To Online Music Stores

Once the user uploads their music, the platform sends it to a hundred online streaming services and music stores within one to three days.

Receive Payment

Online music distributors are the best way to sell your music on Amazon. Musicians are paid every time their music gets streamed/downloaded globally. This payment is received in the form of royalties into their MusicDigi account.

Affordable Packages

The digital distribution service provider offers exciting packages to musicians at just $ 39 · 99 / Year. Under the package, users can upload unlimited music and get paid on a monthly basis.

Global Distribution

The platform lets users upload music on a broad network of digital streaming services and music stores across over 100 nations worldwide.

100% Ownership

Another useful feature of the platform is that it enables the user to keep the rights of their music to themselves.

In-depth Reporting

Users can monitor the music sales across varying stores with detailed sales reporting.


To boost music sales, it is important to have a targeted marketing strategy. It is essential to build relations with bloggers and blogs to get the music to the public. Furthermore, it is beneficial to work with reliable online music distribution services for improved visibility and effective promotion of the music. The above strategies will help musicians cut through the noise and yield greater earning opportunities.