Push-Back versus Drive-In Racks: A Difference

Due to its cubic shape and several deep running lanes, pushback racking, a gravity-fed, partially computerized storage system, may significantly increase a facility’s potential for product storage. The already-loaded pallet is pushed farther down the aisle with each load. This is made possible by the built-in rollers, and when pallets are being retrieved, the moving parts and the structure’s slight inclination allow the remaining pallets to continue to the next position before safely stopping due to the built-in brake mechanism. Pushback racking uses the FIFO principle, and pallet live racking, such as the Rack Supplier Malaysia, may as well. Similar to a drive-through rack, the facility has two entrance lanes, one off each side. One person helps with loading, while the other person selects the pallets. Push-back arranging or plank live racks might be installed in cold or chilling vaults to increase storage capacity while requiring less human effort. Pushback and live pallet racking are excellent for high-turnover items and accelerating processes.

Drive-In and Mobile Racking: A Comparison of Their Key Differences

A dense, rectangular storage space is created by stacking standard pallet racks side by side on wheels to create mobile racking. The racks may be opened to form a temporary access aisle, however, only one aisle can be used at once. The aisle can be opened and closed manually or electrically when a load has been successfully placed into or withdrawn from a rack. The mobile racking system is excellent for low-turnover products and wouldn’t perform well in a large-scale situation, but it’s something to think about if you’re worried about theft and products are picked less frequently. Due to its tiny footprint, which enables more effective use of the space that is accessible and lower storage costs, mobile racking is a popular option for chilly and frozen storage facilities.

Is Drive-In Racking a Possibility at Your Location?

  • If you require a significant increase in storage space but can’t afford to build a brand-new warehouse or relocate your present one, drive-in racking may be your best alternative.
  • There is no requirement for stock rotation because you have a lot of pallets in the warehouse holding continuously low-turnover inventory.
  • You have cold or frozen foods on hand and wish to use less energy to lessen your carbon footprint.
  • Every pallet does not need to be directly accessible.

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