5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from Custom Flags

It can be challenging for a small business owner to find ways to reach new customers. You don’t want to spend too much money, but you need every marketing campaign to be able to make an impact. That’s why many business owners are turning to printed custom flags to boost their sales. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding a custom flag or two to your next promotional campaign.

1. They Grab Attention

One of the best things about custom flags is they don’t have to be plugged in to alert people to your business. No lights or moving parts are required — just a little wind. A custom flag set up in front of a store or restaurant immediately draws the attention of passersby in a way that traditional signage can’t.

2. They’re Cost-Effective

Television advertising can be very expensive. Internet advertising isn’t terribly expensive, but it’s too easy for browsers to ignore. Custom flags, however, are very inexpensive and almost impossible to miss. Also, there’s no time limit with custom flags. With other media, you pay for your ad to appear for a certain period of time, and once it’s over, it’s over. Banner flags and custom teardrop flags, however, last as long as you want them too. You can store them away, and bring them back out whenever you want.

3. They’re Tough

The flexible nature of custom flags mean they can withstand all but the most extreme weather. While it’s possible they may fade within a couple years if they get a lot of exposure to the sun, there’s almost no limit to how long they’ll last if they’re indoors or displayed in shady spots.

4. They’re Portable

Custom flags are lightweight and easy to setup. This means they can be quickly assembled by any of your employees at any time, but it’s also why custom flags are perfect as a portable type of advertising. You can take them apart, store them in your trunk, and then set them up when you reach your destination. They’re a way of bringing your company’s brand with you wherever you go.

5. They’re Customizable

The key word in “custom flag” is “custom”. You can put anything you want on your custom flags. You can put your logo and a phone number, or you can pitch a particular product or event. What you’d like your custom flag to communicate is entirely up to you.

It’s for these reasons and more that the custom flag is so relied up on by small businesses throughout the country.

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