Few Gifts That Can Be Presented to Your Math Teacher

For some of us maths is a favourite subject, but there are many who hate it. Therefore, most of the people may not appreciate their math teacher.

However, you have to understand how much effort your math teachers must have put in to make you understand various mathematical concepts.

So, then what are you planning to offer gifts for teachers Australia on your last day in the school? Here are few gift ideas that we have provided which can make your math teacher quite happy.

  • A heartfelt letter

Your math teacher will certainly be very happy if you write a heartfelt letter written in your own hand and appreciate all those efforts that he or she has made all throughout your days in the school.

  • Something personalized

Also, you can consider making some creative gift for your math teacher with your own effort and also paste the photo of your teacher as well as the class.

  • Geometry formula

This can be a unique gift for your geometry teacher, which will not only make a really great decor item, but will also display your love for geometry.

  • Math jokes book

Most of the math teachers will love jokes related to math, so you can present a book of math jokes then it will be well appreciated.

  • Math clock      

A math clock can be a brilliant way to make fun for those students who always check time when the period will end. Either they have to guess or solve math problems.

  • Math notebooks

You can gift a notebook where there are many different mathematical formulae printed that can help in doing mathematical computation easier.

  • Pi sign

You may find a decorative piece, which displays the symbol of pi which your teacher must have taught you to solve problems.

  • Math errors print

This can also be a useful gift for your math teacher who will also find it use in the class to explain his students.

  • Tangent mug

Often your math teachers must be drinking coffee and hence a mug can be a good choice which also gives a flavour of math.

  • Math teaching book

Not only to your teacher, can you present this to anyone who love mathematics as it can provide few interesting mathematical facts.   

  • Mathematics inspirational sign

This will help your math teacher to inspire students of the class to think more positively with the help of these art prints.

  • Math teacher card

Also, by presenting a personalized thank-you card, you can win the heart of your math teacher. If you like you may also give it along with your gift.

  • Trigonometry necklace

You may also choose a necklace from the market that displays few trigonometric aspects, which can be a good tribute to his teachings.

  • Math symbol index

It can be a nice parting gift to your math teacher when you are bidding adieu from your school. It will be useful for your teacher too.

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