Wondering If CBD Oil Can Work For Chronic Pain Management? Lets Explore!

Cannabidiol or CBD as we commonly know it, is one of the many different cannabinoids found within the cannabis plants. It is well known for their therapeutic qualities and the fact that it does not induce a ‘high’ when taken.

The potential for CBD as a medicinal alternative is being continuously explored. They can be used for localized pain relief, soreness, aches, and inflammation.

Chronic pain and CBD oil

Chronic pain can be the result of a common ailment or, an illness and the side effects of its medical treatment. Either ways, the ache is very discomforting. Studies suggest that CBD oil can help manage chronic pain in many cases.

CBD oils are oils that contain concentrations of CBD. CBD oils are infused into many pain-relieving products.

Over the period many studies and research have been undertaken to find out the effectiveness of CBD oils in relieving pain. Let’s explore.

  • Arthritis pain and CBD – Studies on animals have suggested that CBD oil is helpful to manage pain due to arthritis. On applying the CBD gel on the subject for four days, it was noticed that signs of pain and soreness was significantly reduced. Also, there were no side effects.

Hence CBD oil may be helpful in giving relief from arthritis pain.

  • Multiple sclerosis and CBD – Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. It influences the entire body through the nerves and brain. One of the reasons for constant pain due to Multiple sclerosis is muscle spasm. There are suggestive reports that support the short-term use of CBD oil to reduce levels of muscle spasm as well as reduction in the symptoms.

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  • Cancer treatment pain and CBD – Research has revealed that pain related to cancer and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can be reduced by use of CBD.
  • General chronic pains and CBD – Researchers feel that general Chronic pains such as back pain can be well managed with CBD.

There is a system in our body that signals the cells, called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). According to researchers, CBD interacts with a main component of the ECS resulting in Pain relieving effects in our body.

More studies on humans would be even more effective in suggesting the efficiency of the CBD oils. Nevertheless, the researches done on animals do throw light on the potential of Cannabidiol as a pain reliever.

People experiencing chronic pain can get some relief by using CBD topicals in many forms such as CBD lotion, CBD cream, and CBD ointment. When these CBD infused products are locally applied on the body, the skin absorbs them enabling spot treatment of the pain.

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From the above it can be concludingly said that CBD oil clearly has potential as a pain reliver. Although more and more research is underway, from past studies its benefit is evident. Surely though, more research with human subjects would be of greater help in discovering the advantages of CBD oil.

With its lower chances for side effects than many other pain relief medications and non-intoxicating effects, it is worth consulting your doctor about the use of CBD oil for relieving chronic pain.

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