Get to Know the Valuable Features of Different Push Camera Head

Push rod cameras allow users remote visual inspections. It is applicable in different industries like the HVAC, oil & natural gas, sewer & drain inspections, medical, food production and more. These are visual diagnostic tools that comprise of a pushrod housing a camera and a display unit. The push rod is flexible and highly maneuverable. It can snake around turns for inspection.

The push rod cables are available in different lengths. For residential and commercial sewer inspection you get to choose between 100 feet to 400 feet. It allows inspecting different types of pipes and diameter ranging from 6mm to 3 inches.

The push camera is available in different styles like standard, self-leveling, and pan/tilt. The advanced push rod cameras even help to store the captured audio and video on memory card for a second opinion from team members or future reference. It is a trenchless rehabilitation technique, which enables the contractor choose a proper repair technique like relining, cured-in-place, mechanical spot repair, etc.

Standard push rod camera

  • The camera resides in a tough stainless-steel framework for optimal durability in tough inspection environments.
  • It is water proof and can handle freezing temperature of more than 100°F.
  • Durable LED lights offer exceptional viewing.
  • The camera is connected with flexible transmitters that send signals to a locator on the ground. The locator determines the real-time locations of the camera.
  • With the problematic area statistics, the plumbers know where to dig.
  • It has self-leveling camera that offers upright images.

Advanced push rod cameras with pan/tilt feature

Advanced HD inspection system empowers the plumbing contractors with a comprehensive equipped system at affordable rates. Its valuable features are –

  • Voice over
  • Text writer
  • Locatable sonde
  • Traceable pushrod
  • Standard reel to accommodate push rod length of 200 to 400 feet
  • Self-leveling two HD camera option of 1.3 inch to 1.8 inch. The former helps in lines ranging from 3” to 6”, while the latter get used on lines ranging from 3” to 8”.
  • 1080-pixel HD camera head and controller.
  • Create crisp and detailed videos with audio comments, descriptions, footage, time, and date for documentation.
  • Long rechargeable battery life of 5 hours with AC/DC charging leads.
  • 9.7” HD LCD screen with distance counter.
  • Internal one-TB hard drive allows storing the JPG format images and video recording.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi system allows to stream live videos and images via smartphone apps or PC for recording directly on hard drive.
  • The picture quality is without any question crisp and clear.

Things to consider about push rod cameras

The camera will go in murky, dark sections and the level cannot be precisely known. With a color camera and adjustable brightness from the LED lighting, you can get an idea of whatever the inspection probe encounters during the inspection. The camera is self-leveling, which means it can capture images from inaccessible areas. You get an assurance that identifying the pipeline dilemma can help you plan a way to rectify it.

The rod is not just a cable, which delivers real-time video captured from the camera to the LCD display, so it has to be durable to withstand rough and tough terrain through which it gets pushed. It has to be flexible and strong to deal with the push without kinking or curling inside the pipe. So, you need to choose a rod with appropriate diameter.

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